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IIRS MTech/ MSc/ PG Diploma admissions 2012

Indian institute of Remote Sensing MTech/ MSc/ PG Diploma admissions 2012

Indian Institute of Remote Sensing (IIRS) invites applications for admission to the following courses for the year 2012-13/14:

M.Tech. in Remote Sensing & GIS (M-RG):

Qualifications: M.Sc. in Natural/ Physical Sciences/ Geography/ Geoinformatics/ Geomatics/Earth Sciences / Geo-exploration/ Petroleum Engg. or equivalent / Geo-engineering/Mining Engg/ Env. Sciences/ Natural Hazards/ Disaster Management/ B.E/ BTech. Civil/Agri/EIec. & Electroncs/ Computer Sciences/ Computer Engg ./Geo informatics Engg/ Geosciences/ Geomatics/Petroleum/ Mining/Mineral/ Processing/B.Arch. B Planning/MCA (with B.Sc. Degree/ B.Sc. Forestry/Agriculture (4 years duration course).

Degree to be awarded by Andhra University.

Application deadline: 25.05.2012

M-Sc. in Geoinformatics (M-GI):

Qualifications: M.Sc ./M.Tech. in Physics/Maths/Applied Maths/Statistics/Geophysics & Metereology/ Oceanography/Geology/ Agriculture/GeographyAJrtian & Regional Planning/Remote Sensing/Env. Science OR B.E./B.Tech. In CMI/Elec. & Gomm /Comp. Sclence/Comp. Engg/IT/Agrl Engg. Geoinformatlc, OR B.Sc (4 years) OR MCA with B.Sc. degree.

Application deadline: 25.05.2012

M .Sc. – Geoinformatics for Natural Hazards and Disaster Risk Management (M-NHDRM):

Qualifications: M Sc. Goography/Planning OR B.E/ B.Tech. in Civil/Arch/Agri Engg/ Env. Engg/ Geoinformatics/ Geoscience/Elec. & Comm/Electrical/Comp. Science/TT/Geoexploration/ Earthquake OR B.Sc. (4 years Forestry/Agriculture).

Application deadline: 25.05.2012

P.G. Diploma In Geoinformatics (D-GI):

Qualifications: Master (Science/Geography/Planning) Or B.E/ B.Tech. (CM/Agri./Geolnformatics/ECE/ Comp. Science/IT), MCA (with B.Sc. degree)

Application deadline: 22.06.2012

P.G. Diploma m Geoinformatics for Natural Hazards and Disaster Risk Management (D-NHDRM)

Application deadline: 22.06.2012

Post Graduate Diploma Courses: In sustainable Agriculture, Forest Resources & Ecosystem Analysis, Geosciences. Marine and Atmospheric Sciences, Human Settlement Analysis, Water Resources, Programmetry and Remote Sensing.

Application deadline: 25.05.2012

Application can be obtained from IIRS website

Filled in application should be sent to

Indian institute of Remote Sensing

Indian Space Research Organisation (Dept. of Space)

Govt of India, 4-Kalidas Road, Dehradun-248001