M.Sc. Pharmaceutical Medicine admissions 2009 at Maharashtra University of Health Sciences

Maharashtra University of Health Sciences,  Nashik announces admission for Two Years Post Graduate Degree Course In M.Sc. Pharmaceutical Medicine.

Course shall be conducted by University Dept. of Interpathy Research & Technology, MUHS in collaboration with Seth G. S. Medical College & KEM Hospital, Mumbai (Student shall be posted for 2 terms at Nashik & 2 terms at Mumbai). Degree shall be awarded by Maharashtra University of Health Sciences, Nashik



M. Sc. (Bio-Chemistry, Microbiology, Botany, Zoology, Chemistry, Physiology, Pharmacology, Biotechnology),

B. Pharm or higher.

You are requested to download the application form & send it along-with a D.D. of Rs. 600/- in favor of “Registrar MUHS, Nashik“.   The envelope should be superscribed with “M.Sc. Pharmaceutical Medicine – Application Form”.

Last date of Submission of application form 15th May 2009.

Brochure is available on the University website www.muhsnashik.com)

40 thoughts on “M.Sc. Pharmaceutical Medicine admissions 2009 at Maharashtra University of Health Sciences

  1. What are the job prospectives for M.Sc. pharmaceutical medicine pass out students ?

  2. I am in the thired (last) year of microbiology.
    I want to do MSc in pharmaceutical medicine.so can I apply for this course after my BSc in microbiology.?

  3. i have passed bhms what r jobs oppurtinity after doing this msc course in which companies will we have appointment is there placement of university

  4. tell me job information after doing msc pharma at muhs as i m a bams graduate

    • hii.
      im a f.y. student of MSc.pharma. med.Ithink the jobs r in clinical trials n pharmacovigilence.being BAMS doesnt bother.sallary ranges from 15thousand to 20thousand per mnth.(avg).

  5. there is correspondense course of Msc in pharmaceutical science. Fee structure of this as well as regular course.

  6. dr. suhas kulkarni says:

    what are the scope of after that this course?

  7. msc. pharmaceutical medicine is it like a clinical research course?

  8. Well Wisher says:

    This course is very bogas course with no futur prospect. If any one trying for admission then do not apply for it. All team member are irresponsive with no futur application for such course. Try how to close this course instead to run it. i am the well wisher of those who were or who will think to get admission for such bogas course.

  9. Well Wisher says:

    I think the director’s or founder of course have to look in to the mirror that they are playing with emotions of student and making them fool by showing false image of course.

    They should first complete there prior commitments to students and then make a publicity of such useless courses.

  10. Well Wisher says:

    This is an honest reply to those who will read my bolg on this web site.

    Please do any other 6 month certificate course any try for the clinical research profession. The result will be more fruitful than choosing clinical research profession after this course.

    Be smart and go for other option rather to go for this fool course.

    • i see,u r talkin so many things about msc pharma. medicine. Is it THAT WORSE ?
      Can u please elaborate it better ?
      U r doing job in pharma company or what ?
      whats the job prospect? earnings ?

  11. Well Wisher says:

    This course will hamper
    your confidence
    Your mentality
    your productivity
    your applicability
    your trust
    your joy
    your carrier

    And Finally

    your family & relationships
    your honor !!!!

  12. Well Wisher says:

    Many module and module sub points are like fake with no future application to doctors.

    If any one of you has seen this site and suggested your friends to go for the course then please read my blog. because i suffer because of this Msc.

  13. Well Wisher says:

    The course designer and founders are like Ram Gopal Varma who just want to know how to copy the things.

    Typical Indian Mentality.

    Who remake Best Shole (Msc Pharm Med In UK) Movie to Aag (Bogas Msc Pharm Med in India).

    And fired carrier of every student who watch that Aag.

    • hey………….pls if u knw ne thng better abt this course den frnd pls mail me to shodeb0@gmail.com, since i hav a kt in my final yr. b. pharm. and no govt. college will allow me to study pharmacy courses in there college becose of there stringent criteria of 60% in single attempt, dats y i m thinkin abt this course n u r telling that this course is bogus…………so wat can i do nxt since i wnt 2 study in pharma itself n i m nt interested in any other certificate, diploma or mba pharma courses………..nd also i hav completed many of the topics of this course in my b.pharm. itself………….dats y i think u must b tellin rite….but pls tel is dis course is really vry beneficial.

  14. Well Wisher says:

    I respect those who are giving there 100 % devotion in teaching this course.

    But the above mention things are truth from every passout Msc Pharm med candidate. Who want to become a best….but at the last he came to know that he was worst than 6 mnth course student. Because he lost his 2 yrs of valuable carrier time & about a 1 yr of job less life. On the other hand 6 mnth learner earn about min 2 yrs of experience in global trials with good amount of salary.

  15. Any more info. MR DK

  16. Above information furnished by mr. well wisher is not true. In fact, I have been getting more 4k package and placed in TCS, it has been reported that more than 75% students have been placed in different companis, TCS, congnizent are to tell a few. Don’t belive on such false information.

  17. does not matter says:

    after doing this course you will become jack of all , master of none.syllabus covers topics from all over pharma field with no in depth study of one particular topic. and about jobs m.sc. pharma doesnt give you any upper edge in job inetrview coz at the end you are master of introduction of 100′s of branches of pharma medicine. 75% students are placed but they would have been placed 2 years before if they had not enrolled for this course. so in fact they lagged behind by 2 years. the course conduct is highly unprofessional specially second year So if u have spare time , money and energy to waste u can go for this course.

  18. m damn confused.wat 2 do man?some1 s telling dis s good den again another 1 tells dat no no dnt do dis,dis s fake,plz dnt mk us fool n b honest n tell d truth plz plz……….

  19. this is a course dedicated to clinical research & clinical trials.This is not a fake course.no need to get confused .Though being a PG course there is good teaching on all fronts.i m a X-student of this course.almost all of us r well placed some of us have been abroad also because of this course.This course is better than other fake courses which charge 3-4 lac n teach nothing.if intrested in clinical research this is a good course on long run. nothing comes for free U NEED TO FIGHT TO EARN.

  20. no need to spend money and time duration for a clinical research course (Msc pharmaceuticla medicine) as what all institutes are charging basic qualification is a professional graduate or post graduate degree plus a minimum duration clinical research program with good study material and minimum fee to get basic knowledge of clinical research; that will add an edge with the basic degree; As companies are looking for trained professional these days but no need to got for 1yr or 2 yr courses with so much of fee ; that is purely wastage of money and time; as whatever the course you will do package will be same and that will depend on the basic degree not on clinical research program
    so please beware of all high fee courses
    i m also bams so thats why i suggested to u….

  21. If you are doctor like BDS, BAMS OR BHMS no scope after doing (Msc pharmaceuticla medicine) you are wasting your time and money.I think in clinical research jobs are available on the level of data entry (medical clerk)and some time archiving the files. There is no need to do such course. Those doctors who have done this course and doing job in CDM they have to work with Bsc people and in Pharmacovigilance have to work with B. pharmacy people even in some company they took B pharmacy who had experienced of medical representative. The syllabus of this course is good and useful for knowledge purpose only. It is very shameful after wasting your 5 1/2 year for medical degree and 2 years for Msc pharmaceuticla medicine you have to compete with Bsc and B pharmacy person. Who are teaching this course even they don’t know about the important and scope of this course only they are coming there because they are getting salary and to show how great we are (Dr.Amit Naik). The director of this course Dr. Nilima Shirsagar started this course for only her credit. She has spoiled the carrier of minimum 200 doctors by starting this course. So friend don’t waste your time by doing (Msc pharmaceuticla medicine) and still if you are interested for data entry (medical clerk) job take admission for 6 months part time clinical research course. This (Msc pharmaceuticla medicine)don’t make you master but you can become good clerk. After finishing this course when you will go for interview some company ask what you have done first MBBS, BDS, BAMS, BHMS OR…….(Msc pharmaceuticla medicine). so lastly i will like to say you that don’t waste your time because we have experienced………………..

    • well wisher…
      ur are not an eligible person to blame on education system of any field…
      becoz u dont know what the curriculun of each course….
      i studied abt each course i.e MBBS BAMS BDS BSc…bt the syllabus of pune university B.Pharm course is very much deep sound knowledgable than all….bt problem is that these all people ready to work at our places on less salary so companies prefering them…but knowledge point of view concern dont compare any one with b pharm student…..b pharm is a well medical as well as technical field…..

  22. Looking 4 london medical university

  23. hey well wisher i jst wnt 2 tel u one thing that doctors can be compared wid a b.pharm graduate but cannot be compared vid b.sc. graduate. so pls mind it, watever u have mentioned in d line of pharmacovigilance. bcose always a b.pharm. person is more knowledgable than a doctor bcose doctor study abt both medicine and surgery within 4 n half yr course nd a b.pharm. study abt complete n only drugs for 4 yrs. so now u can think who is more knowledgable. and also we have to do 1 to 4 months of either industrial/clinical/hospital training apart from our 4 yrs curriculum so its near abt a study of 4 n half yrs………….so u r correct a mbbs or a b.pharm. can never be compared vid a b.sc graduate. and finally a b.pharm. graduate is technically more competent abt drugs than a doctor, biology can be mugged up within a single day n can be vommited in the xams but if the subjects like biostatistics, medicinal chemistry, pharmaceutical analysis, clinical pharmacy, biopharmaceutics, etc. if ever taught 2 a doctor then they vil unable 2 pass such xams after 5 n half yrs of knowledge becose it require technical mind to understand…………

  24. well wisher,u r criticizing msc in pharma med,thou u had done these course…as i m an bhms graduate and planning for same course…can u tell me job prospectus and avg salary,,,ur batchnmate might hav got gud job? so u might b knowing bout them

  25. mohd tari khan says:

    hello tariq frm delhi
    plz tell me scope f msc n pharma….
    m a student of b pharma.

  26. i m going to complete bams nd want to persue this Msc pharmaceuticla medicine cource. i just want to know what these people ask u to do wn we are posted in civil or KEM? pls ans if u can

  27. well wisher…
    ur are not an eligible person to blame on education system of any field…
    becoz u dont know what the curriculun of each course….
    i studied abt each course i.e MBBS BAMS BDS BSc…bt the syllabus of pune university B.Pharm course is very much deep sound knowledgable than all….bt problem is that these all people ready to work at our places on less salary so companies prefering them…but knowledge point of view concern dont compare any one with b pharm student…..b pharm is a well medical as well as technical field…..j

    • I am well wisher please do not get admission for this fake cource. try how to close this cource .all teacher of UDIRT and KEM hospital they are irresponsible and irespective like sangale and naik.Their is no futur after doing this cource because this foolish people were try to make us fool .they knew how to play with students emotions and spoil student life since 8 batches .they do not provide student scholerships also .this cource will destroyed your carrier. hamper your knowledge of medicine , basic pharmacology and your pathy knowledge, clinical exp. hamper your cofidence ,joy,mentality,creativity,applicability,trust and finaly your Relationships
      plz plz do not waste ur important time and money their is lot of private company provide direct placement no need to do this cource..in 2014 batch only 10 students get admission for this cource there were 90 intake capacity for this cource try to do revolutionary changes for how to close this fake cource.

  28. plz do not get admission for this course

    • Well Wisher ……

      Dear Doctors….

      plz do not get admission for this course all teacher of this course is not clinical pharma backgroundes they are totally irrespective and irresponsible people . there is no future after doing this course this people try to make us fool.They are obstacles in your careear. UDIRT Nashik should not provide ur scholarship also. They supress your confidence ,joy, mentality, creativity ,applicability , hamper ur trust and finally your relationships.in KEM Hospital nobody take project responsibility nobody guide u about ur project there is no facility for any department no,boyes hostel no ladies hostel no internet facility no computar facility lectures are not taken by teachers in Mumbai. In UDIRT there were broken instumentes in Laboratary .clinics are not attend by teachers cases are not properaly disscussed in clinic.out of syllabus few modules are totally fake . they know how to play with student emotion even they dont guide properly while u make ur protocol .and project we all the studentes request u plz try revolutionary how to close and terminate this fake course we dont wish that u also become fool like us.

      plz warm regards


  30. I have completed my B.sc from private college in 2015 may i apply the form of M.sc pharmaceutical medicine

  31. ravindra chavanke says:

    I’m now in sy bsc after ty chemistry can i will admit in msc pharm medicine

  32. dr rahul ramesh hadpe says:

    Please provide me details

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