TN 10th Annual Exam 2022 Question Paper with Answer Key- English
Tamilnadu SSLC English Annual Exam Question Paper with answer key can be had from the links attached below.

Some sample questions asked for the exam are:

1. Fill in the blank with the most appropriate preposition given below.
The fox jumped_____ the well.
(a) on
(b) into
© in
(d) to

2. Choose the correct expansion of the abbreviation BPT.
(a) Bachelor of Para Therapy
(b) Bachelor of Past Treatment
© Bachelor of Psychological Treatment
(d) Bachelor of Physiotherapy

3. Punctuate the following sentence.
     o my young gentleman said ariel.

4. Combine the following sentence into a simple sentence.
      I saw a tiger. It was wounded.

5. Write a paragraph of about 150 words by developing the following hints.
Inhabitants of the island- Prospero and Miranda- Prospero, magical powers - his brother Antonio, King of Naples, his son Ferdinand and Gonzalo - on the ship - Prospero raised storm - repent for the injustice - instructed Ariel to bring Ferdinand • Miranda had more concern - Prospero set severe task - he forgave all - restored dukedom.

For detailed 10th English Board Exam 2022 question paper, click the links below.

.pdf   Tamil Nadu Class 10th Public Exam 2022 Question paper- English.pdf (Size: 1,011.15 KB / Downloads: 8,730)

.pdf   Tamil Nadu 10th Class Public Exam 2022 Answer Key - English.pdf (Size: 155.59 KB / Downloads: 5,052)

English paper solutions of TN SSLC exam 2022


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