Kerala Plus One Board Exam 2022- Sociology Question Paper with Answer key
Kerala DHSE Plus One Annual Exam 2022 of Sociology question paper and answer key in PDF format can be had from the links below.

+1 Sociology Exam was held on 13.06.2022.

Plus One Sociology Annual Exam Question paper May 2022 contains the following questions:
  • Who among the following suggested the sociological method “Ideal Type” ?
             (a)    Karl Marx
             (b)    Max Weber
             ©    Emile Durkheim
  • Passengers waiting at the Railway Station is an example of
             (a)  primary group
             (b)  quasi group
             ©  reference group
  • List 2 rules of Marriage.
  • Define Ethnocentrism.
  • Write any 3 features of welfare state proposed by A.R. Desai.
  • Explain cooperation and competition as 2 ways of understanding social process in
  • Describe the different types of Interview.
  • Explain different types of family.
  • Explain the major environmental problems and risks.
For detailed question paper, click the below link...

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