Kerala Plus One Model Exam 2022- Accountancy (AFS) Question paper with Answer Key
Attached is the +1 Accountancy (AFS) Model Question Paper 2022 with the answer key for downloading..

It contains Fill in the blanks, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 8 mark questions.

Sample questions from the question paper are:
  • Favourable balance of bank column of cash book means
  • a) Bank overdraftb) Credit balance of cash bookc) Debit balance of pass bookd) Debit balance of cash book
  • Site two examples of contra entry transaction
  • Briefly explain the error of omission with an example.
  • Write three differences between Journal and Ledger.
  • Briefly explain any three causes of Depreciation.
  • Calculate cost of goods sold from the following :
    Purchases Rs. 84,000/-; Wages Rs. 26,000/- Closing Stock Rs. 10,000/-
  • State any four reasons for preparing a bank reconciliation statement.
Get the +1 Accountancy (AFS) model question paper with the key from the link below

.pdf   Plus One Model Exam 2022 Question Paper- ACCOUNTANCY (AFS).pdf (Size: 7.43 MB / Downloads: 260)

.pdf   Plus One Accountancy (AFS) Model Exam 2022 Answer Key by Ramesh Sir.pdf (Size: 374.64 KB / Downloads: 231)

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