Kerala Plus One Model Exam 2022 - Botany Question paper with Answer Key
Kerala DHSE Higher Secondary Plus One Botany Model examination 2022 Question paper with answer key can be had from the links below.

Some sample questions from the Kerala +1 Botany Model Exam 2022 Question paper are:
  • Write any two factors for seed dormancy.
  • List out any four external factors affecting photosynthesis.
  • Explain the significance of mitosis.
  • What is mesosome ? Mention any two functions of mesosome.
  • Define phyllotaxy. Explain any two types of phyllotaxy.
  • Explain the different steps involved in the formation of a root nodule in
    leguminous plants.
  • Give any three differences between aerobic respiration and fermentation.
For a complete +1 question paper on Botany with answer keys download the PDF files from the links below

.pdf   Plus One Model Exam 2022- Botany Question Paper 1.pdf (Size: 698.69 KB / Downloads: 318)

.pdf   Plus One Botany Model Exam Answer Key by CBTA.pdf (Size: 483.57 KB / Downloads: 226)

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