Kerala SSLC Exam 2022- Chemistry Question paper and Answer key
Get the question paper with the answer key of Kerala SSLC Chemistry Annual Exam from the links attached below. The exam was held on 25.04.2022

Some Sample questions from the Chemistry Question Paper

1. Which gas is produced when metals react with dilute hydrochloric acid ?
2. 1 GMM of a substance contains __________number of molecules.
3. What happens to the rates of forward and backward reaction at equilibrium point ?
4. Which metal is deposited at cathode, when molten sodium chloride is electrolysed ? 
5. How many electrons are donated by first group elements generally in chemical reactions ?
6. In which electrode aluminium metal is produced during the electrolysis of Alumina ?
7. Take some sugar in a watch glass and add a few drops of concentrated sulphuric acid into it. What is your observation ? Which chemical property of sulphuric acid is shown here ?

For complete question paper and answer keys in PDF format, download the PDF files from the links below. 

.pdf   SSLC 2022 CHEMISTRY Question Paper- English Medium.pdf (Size: 2.26 MB / Downloads: 3,921)

.pdf   SSLC 2022 CHEMISTRY Question Paper- Malayalam Medium.pdf (Size: 412.92 KB / Downloads: 1,355)

.pdf   educationobserver SSLC 2022 Chemistry Answer Key.pdf (Size: 89.79 KB / Downloads: 7,082)

.pdf   SSLC 2022 Chemistry Answer Key English Medium by Jayesh Sir.pdf (Size: 66 KB / Downloads: 2,953)

.pdf   SSLC 2022 Chemistry Answer Key Malayalam Medium by Jayesh Sir.pdf (Size: 105.98 KB / Downloads: 1,788)
Chemistry Question Paper discussion 2022


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