Kerala SSLC Exam 2022- Maths Question paper and Answer key
Get the Question paper with the answer keys of Kerala SSLC Maths Annual Exam 2022 from below. The exam was held on 19.04.2022

Some Sample questions from the paper

1. A box contains 7 white balls and 3 black balls. If a ball is taken from it, what is the probability of it being black ?

2. Find the distance between the points (0, 0) and (4, 0).

3. From the circle of radius 12 centimetres, a sector of central angle 90 degree is cut out and made into a cone. What is the base radius of this cone ?

4. If (x-1) is a factor of the polynomial p(x), write p(1).

5. If the perimeter of a triangle is 24 centimetres and its inradius is 2 centimetres, find its area in square centimetres.

6. The lateral faces of a square pyramid are equilateral triangles. If the length of one base edge is 20 centimetres, what will be the measure of its slant height in centimetres ?

Complete question paper and answer key in PDF format can be downloaded from the links below.

.pdf   KERALA SSLC MATHEMATICS QUESTION PAPER-2022 EM.pdf (Size: 623.98 KB / Downloads: 68,787)

.pdf   SSLC Maths 2022 Answer Key English Medium by Sarath Sir.pdf (Size: 79.73 KB / Downloads: 57,650)

.pdf   SSLC Maths 2022 Answer Key Malayalam Medium by Sarath Sir.pdf (Size: 137.98 KB / Downloads: 20,474)

.pdf   SSLC2022 March Complete Answer Key & Solutions by Binoyi Philip Sir.pdf (Size: 136.48 KB / Downloads: 10,013)

.pdf   SSLC2022 March Complete Answer Key & Solutions by Gigi Sir.pdf (Size: 59.52 KB / Downloads: 10,153)

.pdf   SSLC2022 March Complete Answer Key- Priliminary Version.pdf (Size: 457.54 KB / Downloads: 14,435)

.pdf   Kerala SSLC Maths exam 2020 Preliminary Key-Updated.pdf (Size: 35.35 KB / Downloads: 8,443)

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Sir in question 20 is the ans 7
but i got is x(x+4)=77
will this be correct

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