Karnataka SSLC 2022 Model question paper- Science with solutions
Question paper answer key and solutions of Karnataka SSLC Model question paper Science in English and Kannada mediums. The question paper is brought out by KSEEB as a preparatory measure for the upcoming SSLC examination 2022.

Sample questions from Science Model paper 2022

1.    The diameter of the reflecting surface of spherical mirror is
A)    Optical    Centre   
B)    Centre of Curvature
C)    Aperture   
D)    Principal axis

2.    An electric motor takes 5A from a 220V electric source. The power of the motor is
A)    1100W   
B)    44W
C)    225W   
D)    440W

3.    If the focal length of a spherical mirror is 15cm. Find the radius of curvature ?
4.    Mention any two disadvantages of fossil fuels.
5.    What is an electric circuit ?

4. As the pH value of a solution increases.
A) number of H ions increases
B) number of OH ions increases
C) number of OH ions decreases
D) equal number of H and OH ions

5. The amphoteric oxide among the following is
A) Potassium oxide   
B) Sodium oxide
C) Calcium oxide   
D) Zinc oxide

6. State New lands’ law of octaves.

Download the complete Science question paper in English Medium below

.pdf   KSEEB SSLC Model Question Paper 2022- Science (English Medium)83E.pdf (Size: 246.13 KB / Downloads: 20,214)

See answer key/ solutions here for PHYSICS, Chemistry and Biology will be released soon.

Science question paper in Kannada medium.. solutions will be added soon

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Karnataka SSLC 2022- Model Question Papers and Solutions
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