Karnataka SSLC 2022 Maths Model paper and solutions
Download question paper and solutions of Mathematics model question paper released by KSEEB for Karnataka SSLC Board examination 2022. Question paper and solutions available in English and Kannada Medium versions.

Some Sample questions from the model paper by KSEEB

1. The common difference of the Arithmetic progression 100,93,86,... is
A) 4
B) 8
C) 7
D) -7

Ans: D) -7

2. If the value of the discriminant of a quadratic equation is zero then the nature of the roots are
A) Real distinct and irrational
B) Real and equal
C) Real distinct and rational
D) Not real

Ans: B) Real and equal

3. The empirical relationship between mean, median and mode is
A)    3 Median = Mode + Mean   
B)    3 Median = 2 Mode +    Mean
C)    3 Median = 2 Mode + 2 Mean
D)    3 Median = Mode + 2    Mean

Ans: D)    3 Median = Mode + 2    Mean

4. Which of the following pair of triangles are always similar
A)    Two isosceles triangles   
B)    Two scalene triangles
C)    Two equilateral triangles   
D)    Two right angle triangles

Ans: C)    Two equilateral triangles   

5. A cone is cut by a plane parallel to its base and the small cone that obtained is removed, then the remaining part of the cone is
A) a frustum of cone
C) a Sphere
B) a frustum of cylinder
D) a right circular cone

Ans: A) a frustum of cone 

For complete questions, download the question paper in English Medium

.pdf   KSEEB SSLC Model Question Paper 2022- Mathematics English Medium)81E.pdf (Size: 265.58 KB / Downloads: 18,550)

For the complete answer keys and solutions, visit the video below

Kannada medium question paper and answer key of Maths Model paper for SSLC exam 2022

.pdf   KSEEB SSLC Model Question Paper 2022- Mathematics (Kannada Medium)81K.pdf (Size: 266.32 KB / Downloads: 4,448)

Solutions in Kannada

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Karnataka SSLC 2022- Model Question Papers and Solutions

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