Kerala SSLC SMILE Question Pool 2020- All Subjects
Attached are the Question Pool (SMILE - A collection of questions of each subjects to assure A+), of all the subjects of Kerala Class 10. Get more prepared by practicing with additional questions from each subject.For that a set of question from Malayalam, Hindi, Biology, physics and Chemistry (MM) can be from here. It will help you to get a better insight into each subject.

Attached Files
.pdf   Kerala SSLC SMILE MALAYALAM Question Pool 2020.pdf (Size: 1.35 MB / Downloads: 8,688)
.pdf   Kerala SSLC SMILE HINDI Question Pool 2020.pdf (Size: 1.43 MB / Downloads: 3,108)
.pdf   Kerala SSLC SMILE BIOLOGY (MM) Question Pool 2020.pdf (Size: 1.49 MB / Downloads: 3,376)
.pdf   Kerala SSLC SMILE PHYSICS (MM) Question Pool 2020.pdf (Size: 458.28 KB / Downloads: 3,944)
.pdf   Kerala SSLC SMILE CHEMISTRY (MM) Question Pool 2020.pdf (Size: 7.03 MB / Downloads: 3,995)
Download freely the SS and Maths Question Pool of SMILE to fetch A+ for these subjects.

Attached Files
.pdf   Kerala SSLC SMILE SOCIAL SCIENCE (MM) Question Pool 2020.pdf (Size: 662.68 KB / Downloads: 2,572)
.pdf   Kerala SSLC SMILE MATHS (MM) Question Pool 2020.pdf (Size: 829.91 KB / Downloads: 3,877)

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