IDBI Executive Exam Solved Question Paper 2019
Attached is the Question Paper on IDBI Executive Exam conducted on 16.05.2019. Some examples of the paper is given.

What is the average number of bags that were in stocks of stores B, C and D?

(3) 36    
(4) 38
(5) 34

On Tuesday, equal number of bags were sold by stores E and C. If the total number of bags that remained unsold in stores E and C together on Tuesday was 18. what was the number of bags that were sold by store E on Tuesday? (Note : No new stock was added on Tuesday)

(3) 12    
(4) 10
(5) 8

Directions: Each sentence has u blank which indicates something has been omitted. Which of the following words given against the sentence, fits the blank in the given sentence both grammatically and meaningfully?

The holiday party for three hundred guests will -------- a lot of work from the event planner.
(1) inverse
(2) demanded
(3) result
(4) consequence
(5) entail

The control of inflation is a -------- component of the government's economic policy.
(1) key    
(2) Important
(3) devised
(4) schedule
(5) formulating

The doctor has agreed to do everything possible to -------     the athlete's recovery so he will be able to start his football season on time.
(1) expedite
(2) hinder
(3) clinched
(4) assured
(5) insured

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Get from the below link the answer key for the IDBI Executive Exam conducted on 16.05.2019

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