CAT 2013 Question Paper
Common Admission Test (CAT) is an aptitude test conducted by the IIMs for admission to their Management programmes.

Few questions from the CAT 2013 Question Paper are shown for your reference:

1. The information stored in Newspapers. Books and Periodicals forms what percentage of the total information stored on paper media? Assume that the information stored per unit memory space occupied is the same for all the media mentioned.

(A) 37.5%

(B) 45%

© 57%
(D) 54%

9. Due to advances in technology, the information stored per unit memory space occupied worldwide increases by 20% every year, while the total memory space available worldwide increases at the rate of 10% every year. If in the year 2000, 80% of the memory space available worldwide is occupied by the information available worldwide, and the information available worldwide were to increase by 45% every year, then which of the following years is the earliest by which there will be a shortage of memory space?

(A) 2002
(B) 2003
© 2004
(D) 2005

16. Eight men have their first names, as Ratan, Rama. Ramesh. Ramu. Rakesh, Rajan. Rishabh and Rohit and their surnames are Kulkami. Arora. Jain. Outta. Singh. Sharma. Sen and Murthy, not necessarily in the same order. These eight persons are sitting around a circular table as per the following instructions:
(i) Ramu is sitting opposite Kulkami and to the left of Singh.
(ii) Raian is sitting opposite Sharma and next to Murthy. who is sitting to the left of Rama.
(iii) Arora is sitting opposite Ratan and Rohit sits adjacent to Dutta.
(iv) Rama, who is next to Rishabh and Ramesh. sits opposite Sen.
If Rishabh Arora sits between Kulkami and Sharma. and opposite Singh, then who sits opposite Rakesh Dutta?
(A) Ramesh Murthy 
(B) Rama Murthy 
© Rajan Jain
(D) Rishabha Arora

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