GATE 2019 EE - Electrical Engineering Question Paper, Answer Key and Solutions
GATE 2019 EE - Electrical Engineering examination was conducted on 9th Feb 2019.

The Electrical Engineering Question Paper, Answer Key and Solutions are given in the below link .

Few Sample Questions from the Paper

1. A six-pulse thyristor bridge rectifier is connected to a balanced three-phase, 50 Hz AC source. Assuming that the DC output current of the rectifier is constant, the lowest harmonic component in the AC input current is
(A)    100 Hz    (B) 150 Hz    © 250 Hz    (D) 300 Hz

2. The parameter of an equivalent circuit of a three-phase induction motor affected by reducing the rms value of the supply voltage at the rated frequency is
(A)    rotor resistance
(B)    rotor leakage reactance
©    magnetizing reactance
(D)    stator resistance

3. A three-phase synchronous motor draws 200 A from the line at unity power factor at rated load. Considering the same line voltage and load, the line current at a power factor of 0.5 leading is
(A) 100 A
(B)200 A
© 300 A
(D) 400 A

The GATE 2019 EE - Electrical Engineering Question Paper, Answer Key and Solutions acn be downloaded from the link shown below.

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GATE 2019 Question Papers, Answer Keys and Solutions
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