TNTET Exam 2013 Question Paper and Answer Keys
Question papers and Answer keys of Tamilnadu Teachers Eligibility Test (TN-TET) held in the year 2013.

Some Questions from the Paper I of TNTET Exam 2013

1.  Which of the following sentences given below conveys the following meaning?
“Sarojini Naidu was a renowned poetess”
A. Sarojini Naidu was an infamous poetess
B. Sarojini Naidu was a notorious poetess
C. Sarojini Naidu was a famous poetess
D. Sarojini Naidu was an ill-famed poetess

2. Find out the animal(s) which make the sound ‘squeak’
A. Guinea pigs
B. Hamsters
C. Tapirs
D. All of the above animals

3. The troops arrived at the crack of the dawn.
The above sentences means
A. The troops were slow
B. The troops arrived very early in the morning
C. The troops arrived in the evening
D. The troops are defeated

4. Pick out the plural form of deer.
A. deers B. dear
C. deer D. dears

5. How many syllables are there in the word ‘edification’?
A. Five B. One
C. Six D. Seven

6. Identify the figure of speech employed in the following line.
“Who loves the trees best?” I said the Spring.
A. Simile B. Personification
C. Metaphor D. Alliteration

For complete question paper download the complete paper and answer keys from links below

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.pdf   TNTET 2013 Solved previous year Question paper- paper II Social Science.pdf (Size: 301.64 KB / Downloads: 9)

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