Where to find free video lectures for JEE
Kindly suggest resources where from I can get free video lectures for JEE.
Hi Hitesh, there are a lot of online websites which provide free online video lectures for JEE like EtoosIndia. It has got a wide array of lectures based on your individual needs like Yearlong and complete, topic-based, first-step, theory, beginner, final revision, crash courses, rank booster, problem-solving, etc. So, depending upon what a student wants to study she/he can avail that particular lecture only. Moreover, the online coaching platform also offers to pick your own suitable faculty.

To decide which faculty lectures you'd like to watch, there is an option of a free trial in which you can choose the course and faculty and watch for free. Go explore this option and let everybody know your reviews too.
YouTube is the best source. Kindly search on YouTube for JEE video lectures and you'll find there.

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