Revision Notes for SSLC-EXCELLENCE by DIET Wayanad
Notes and model question papers published by DIET Wayanad as a part of their Academic Improvement and Excellecnce program for SSLC students. Notes and model papers of various subjects are available... download from the following links

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.pdf   Excellence by DIET Wayanad Revision Notes-ENGLISH.pdf (Size: 1,000.1 KB / Downloads: 369)
.pdf   Excellence by DIET Wayanad Revision Notes-PHYSICS.pdf (Size: 3.25 MB / Downloads: 378)
.pdf   Excellence by DIET Wayanad Revision Notes-CHEMISTRY.pdf (Size: 1.1 MB / Downloads: 319)
.pdf   Excellence by DIET Wayanad Revision Notes-MATHS.pdf (Size: 1.78 MB / Downloads: 365)
.pdf   Excellence by DIET Wayanad Revision Notes-SS.pdf (Size: 2.16 MB / Downloads: 505)

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