Kerala SSLC Malayalam Study Material and Question Papers
Download Malayalam materials prepared by subject experts and sample question papers to support the SSLC examination candidates. These materials are prepared by various agencies  and are very useful for STD X students for exam preparation.

Attached are the links of :

Attached Files
.pdf   SSLC Malayalam Questions and Answers- All Chapters.pdf (Size: 3.14 MB / Downloads: 37,992)
.pdf   Kerala SSLC 10th STD Study Material Malayalam I Mikav.pdf (Size: 535.08 KB / Downloads: 16,745)
.pdf   Malayalam Model Question Paper Pool.pdf (Size: 213.49 KB / Downloads: 7,454)
.pdf   Nirakathir SSLC revision Materials -MALAYALAM.pdf (Size: 6.4 MB / Downloads: 10,617)
.pdf   Orukkam Probable Questions for Kerala SSLC Exam.pdf (Size: 5.27 MB / Downloads: 7,136)
Download free Kerala Class 10 Malayalam Question Papers and materials form the link below. It contains notes to help weak students to prepare more Smile

Attached Files
.pdf   SSLC Malayalam ChodyaSekharam.pdf (Size: 573.71 KB / Downloads: 5,645)
.pdf   SSLC Malayalam Notes for Low Learners- STD X.pdf (Size: 185.76 KB / Downloads: 6,636)
.pdf   SSLC Malayalam SAMAGRA Questions-AT.pdf (Size: 1.58 MB / Downloads: 4,814)
.pdf   SSLC Malayalam SAMAGRA Questions-BT.pdf (Size: 532.32 KB / Downloads: 3,804)
.pdf   SSLC Study Guide- Polima.pdf (Size: 1.12 MB / Downloads: 5,959)

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