SSLC Chemistry Exam Notes and materials- Malayalam Medium
Chemistry study notes and materials for Kerala Class 10 Malayalam Medium students can be had from here.

These materials will help the students to get a better grade in the upcoming SSLC examination.

Practice more with the help of the attached materials

See the complete SSLC materials for all subjects at Kerala SSLC Sureshot A+ Materials for All Subjects

Attached Files
.pdf   Chemistry Capsule Notes (MM)- All Chapters by Ravi Sir.pdf (Size: 108.36 KB / Downloads: 6,997)
.pdf   Chemistry Chapter 4 Question Pool (MM) by Unmesh Sir.pdf (Size: 710.94 KB / Downloads: 2,858)
.pdf   Chemistry Chapter 6 worksheets (MM) by unmesh Sir.pdf (Size: 356.27 KB / Downloads: 1,896)
.pdf   Chemistry Mukalam Model Exam Question Paper 2018 (MM).pdf (Size: 257.98 KB / Downloads: 1,777)
.pdf   Chemistry Notes (MM) - All Chapters by Kareem Sir.pdf (Size: 1.08 MB / Downloads: 5,517)
Kerala Class 10 Chemistry - Malayalam Medium - Question Pool and Simple notes

Attached Files
.pdf   Chemistry Notes (MM) 2017 by Mukulam.pdf (Size: 736.83 KB / Downloads: 1,713)
.pdf   Chemistry Question Pool (MM)- All chapters.pdf (Size: 3.37 MB / Downloads: 1,804)
.pdf   Chemistry Question Pool (MM) by Remya Teacher.pdf (Size: 322.14 KB / Downloads: 936)
.pdf   Chemistry Revision Series Questions- All Chapters (MM) By Ebrahim Sir.pdf (Size: 988.01 KB / Downloads: 1,697)
.pdf   Organic Chemistry Simple Notes by Jini.pdf (Size: 91.9 KB / Downloads: 1,287)
Kerala SSLC Chemistry Notes and Worksheets (Malayalam Medium)

Attached Files
.pdf   Chemistry Notes - All Chapters- MM by Vidyajyothi PART 2.pdf (Size: 6.96 MB / Downloads: 2,658)
.pdf   Chemistry Worksheets (MM)- All Chapters.pdf (Size: 3.89 MB / Downloads: 1,207)
Excellence revision notes by Wayanad Dist. Panchayat

Attached Files
.pdf   Excellence by DIET Wayanad Revision Notes-CHEMISTRY.pdf (Size: 1.1 MB / Downloads: 904)

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