Nirakathir SSLC 2019 Support Material by DIET Alappuzha
DIET Alapuzha prepared a revision support material for SSLC 2019 students in the name Nirakathir. Many subject experts attended in the material preparation workshop, and these materials will enable the students to face the exam with confidence.

The material focuses on the hard-spots and repeated testing tools. Besides it will give students a clear cut idea about how to attempt different types of questions and to ensure the time management.

Materials can be had from the link below

Attached Files
.pdf   Nirakathir SSLC revision Materials -MALAYALAM.pdf (Size: 6.47 MB / Downloads: 3,391)
.pdf   Nirakathir SSLC revision Materials -ENGLISH.pdf (Size: 697.11 KB / Downloads: 2,829)
.pdf   Nirakathir SSLC revision Materials -BIOLOGY.pdf (Size: 1.51 MB / Downloads: 2,270)
.pdf   Nirakathir SSLC revision Materials -CHEMISTRY.pdf (Size: 223.52 KB / Downloads: 2,176)
.pdf   Nirakathir SSLC revision Materials -PHYSICS-1.pdf (Size: 4.81 MB / Downloads: 2,565)
Kerala Class 10 Revision Materials

Attached Files
.pdf   Nirakathir SSLC revision Materials -PHYSICS-2.pdf (Size: 6.48 MB / Downloads: 1,952)
.pdf   Nirakathir SSLC revision Materials -SS 1.pdf (Size: 275.71 KB / Downloads: 1,694)
.pdf   Nirakathir SSLC revision Materials - SS 2.pdf (Size: 416.5 KB / Downloads: 1,238)
.pdf   Nirakathir SSLC revision Materials -MATHS.pdf (Size: 2.87 MB / Downloads: 2,321)

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