Grammar Questions and worksheets for SSLC English Examination
Download study guides and notes for Grammar Activities in Class 10 English Textbook. All the guides are textual activities made easy with adequate explanations to address the grammar exercises in each chapter.

These thread also contain worksheets for various discourses with answers.

The link attached includes Grammar from the following chapters of Kerala SSLC English Subject:

Project Tiger
The best Investment I Ever Made
The Scholarship Jacket

See the complete SSLC materials for all subjects at Kerala SSLC Sureshot A+ Materials for All Subjects

Attached Files
.pdf   Grammar Chapter - Project Tiger.pdf (Size: 340.6 KB / Downloads: 5,660)
.pdf   Grammar Chapter - Poetry.pdf (Size: 204.31 KB / Downloads: 2,995)
.pdf   Grammar Chapter Adolf.pdf (Size: 263.91 KB / Downloads: 1,861)
.pdf   Grammar Chapter- The best Investment I Ever Made.pdf (Size: 260.9 KB / Downloads: 3,021)
.pdf   Grammar Chapter- The Scholarship Jacket.pdf (Size: 448.54 KB / Downloads: 3,266)
Get the grammar materials for Kerala SSLC English Exam:

The School Boy
Kerala SSLC English Character Sketches
Unit 1- Hues of Life- Discourses and Questions

Attached Files
.pdf   Grammar Chapter- Vanka.pdf (Size: 667.29 KB / Downloads: 2,167)
.pdf   Grammar Chapter-The School Boy.pdf (Size: 142.96 KB / Downloads: 943)
.pdf   Kerala SSLC English Character Sketches for Class 10 Students by Mahmud Sir.pdf (Size: 956.35 KB / Downloads: 3,856)
.pdf   Unit 1- Hues of Life- Discourses and Questions.pdf (Size: 205.75 KB / Downloads: 1,187)
Prepare additionally with the help of the following links for the upcoming Kerala SS:C English Exam:

Attached Files
.pdf   Affirmative and Negative Sentences Study Notes.pdf (Size: 227.17 KB / Downloads: 1,196)
.pdf   Common Figures of Speech & Grammatical Expressions.pdf (Size: 286.21 KB / Downloads: 1,543)
.pdf   Critical Appreciations of Poems.pdf (Size: 215.37 KB / Downloads: 1,822)
.pdf   English Model Question Paper 1.pdf (Size: 216.45 KB / Downloads: 1,679)
Get more practices with the help of the worksheets given at the link below related to the following areas for Kerala SSLC English Exam:

Analysing and Constructing Sentences
Cloze Type
Dialogue completion
Phrasal Verbs

Attached Files
.pdf   Worksheet on Analysing and Constructing Sentences.pdf (Size: 135.13 KB / Downloads: 1,178)
.pdf   Worksheet on Cloze Type.pdf (Size: 90.62 KB / Downloads: 1,067)
.pdf   Worksheet on Dialogue completion.pdf (Size: 803.5 KB / Downloads: 2,057)
.pdf   Worksheet on Editing.pdf (Size: 90.75 KB / Downloads: 2,078)
.pdf   Worksheet on Phrasal Verbs.pdf (Size: 105.77 KB / Downloads: 2,435)
Worksheets on Reported Speech and Various Grammatical Terms----Download free from the link attached

Attached Files
.pdf   Worksheet on Reported Speech.pdf (Size: 144.5 KB / Downloads: 2,546)
.pdf   worksheets on various grammatical terms.pdf (Size: 319.92 KB / Downloads: 1,563)

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