ESE Mains 2018- EE- Electrical Engineering Question paper
Question papers of EE- Electrical Engineering category of UPSC conducted Engineering Services Examination 2018. The Conventional Type Descriptive papers of
EE Mains Paper I and
EE Mains Paper II

are attached for your reference

Some sample questions from the paper

1. The primary side of an ideal transformer (having 400 turns in primary winding and 720 turns in secondary winding) is excited by a 1000 V, 50 Hz AC source. The secondary of the transformer is connected to a resistive load of 80 kW. There is one tapping in secondary winding at 480 turns and this tapping is supplying a pure inductive load of 100 kVA. Determine the primary current and its power factor.

2. Differentiate between characteristic impedance and surge impedance of line. What do you mean by surge impedance loading (SIL) of transmission line?

3. A boost converter is required to have an output voltage of 48 V and supply a load current of 5 A. The input varies from 12 V-24 V. A control circuit adjusts the duty ratio to keep the output voltage constant. Select the switching frequency to be 200 kHz. Determine a value of inductor such that the variation in inductor current is no more than 40% of average inductor current for all operation. Prescribe a suitable value of capacitor such that output ripple is no more than 2%.

4. Mention the type of Bravais space lattice, relationship of crystal axial lengths (x, y, z) and relationship of interaxial angles (a, P, y) in the following order of the crystal system.
(i)    Triclinic
(ii)    Monoclinic
(iii)    Orthorhombic and
(iv)    Trigonal

Download the question papers from the links below

Attached Files
.pdf   ESE Mains Exam 2018 Question Paper EE- Electrical Engineering Paper I.pdf (Size: 1.25 MB / Downloads: 98)
.pdf   ESE Mains Exam 2018 Question Paper EE- Electrical Engineering Paper II.pdf (Size: 1.11 MB / Downloads: 87)

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