IES ESE Prelims 2018- ECE Question Paper with Complete Solutions
Download previous year question paper and solutions of ECE- Electronics and Communication Engineering paper of Engineering Services Examination-ESE Preliminary session of year 2018

Some sample questions from IES/ ESE examination ECE Prelims 2018

1. In tunnel diode, the Fermi level lies
(a) inside valance band of p-type and inside conduction band of n-type semiconductors
(b) in the energy band gap but closer to conduction band of n-type semiconductors
© in the energy band gap but closer to valence band of p-type semiconductors
(d) in the energy band gap but above valence band of p-type and below conduction band
of n-type semiconductors.

2. The current in a coil of self-inductance of 4H changes from 10A to 2A in t seconds and the induced emf is 40V. The time t is
(a) 0.2s    (b) 0.4s
© 0.6s     (d) 0.8s

3. Consider the following statements with respect to a relay:
1. A relay is energized if NC contacts are opened.
2. The pickup current is the minimum relay coil current required to keep a relay energized.
Which of the above statements is/are correct?
(a) 1 only
(b) 2 only
© Both 1 and 2
(d) Neither 1 nor 2

4. A 100 kVA, single-phase transformer has a full-load copper loss of 600W and iron loss of 500 W. The maximum efficiency occurs at a load of nearly
(a) 82.1 kVA
(b) 83.3 kVA
© 91.3 kVA
(d) 98.1 kVA

5. The starting current in an induction motor is 5 times the full-load current, while the full-load slip is 4%. The ratio of starting torque to full- load torque is
(a) 1.4     (b) 1.2
© 1.0     (d) 0.8

For Complete question paper and solutions for Paper I and Paper II of IES Preliminary exam 2018 of ECE paper, download the pdf files from below

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.pdf   IES 2018 Preliminary Exam ECE-Electronics and Communication Engineering Complete Solutions.pdf (Size: 2.03 MB / Downloads: 326)

Thanks for the solutions

Complele solved question papers and solutions of IES 2018 CE, ME, EE and ECE Catagories

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