SBI PO Exam 07.07.2018-Question paper and key
Download the previous year question paper and answer key of SBI PO Preliminary examination held on 7th June 2018. Memory based question paper and answer key are attached here .

Some model questions from the SBI PO Prelims 2018

Directions (Q. 1-4): Given below are sentences consisting of a blank in each. Identify the most suitable alternative among the five given options that fits into the blank to make the sentence logical and meaningful.

1.    In the same amount of time it would take me to correct all the__________in your report, I could write a better report myself.
1) mistakes   
2) problems   
3) accuracies
4) obstacles   
5) disputes

2.    I have recently used the services of his___________agency to book a cruise in the Mediterranean.
1) progress   
2) deportation   
3) travel
4) transfer   
5) mover

3.    They would like local authorities to be given greater as to how the money is spent.
1) affairs   
2) function  
3) omission
4) discretion   
5) statement

4.    In a I0-billion-year-old galaxy there should have been ample ____________ for at least one species to escape its own mess, and to spread across the stars, filling every niche.
1) negligence   
2) opportunity   
3) surveillance
4) supply 
5) advocacy

Download the complete question paper and key from the links below.

Attached Files
.pdf   SBI PO PT Question Paper held on 07-07-2018.pdf (Size: 1.5 MB / Downloads: 638)
.pdf   SBI PO PT Answer Key held on 07-07-2018.pdf (Size: 89.32 KB / Downloads: 439)

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