Sainik School Class VI Entrance Exam Question Paper 2016
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Section A- Mathematics

1. Convert 131 °F into Celsius scale.
2. Convert 2222 hours into days and hours.
3. One of the two equal angles of an Isosceles triangle measures 55°. Find the measure of all the angles of triangle.

Section B - Language

Give one word for the following: (5x1=5)
(a)    One who knows everything
(b)    A building in which monks live
©    A person whose profession is to keep accounts     
(d) All the customs and beliefs of a society
(e) Eater of flesh

Section C

1. Facing the West direction, Priya jogs for20 m, turns left and goes further 40 m. She
turns left again and jogs for 20 m. Then she turns right to go 20 m to reuch the park. How  far is the park from her starling point and in which direction?
(a) 20 m South    (b)    40 m West
© 60 m South    (d)    100 m East
2. Pointing to a woman in the photograph a man said, “She is the daughter of my grand- mother s only son. How is the woman related to the man?
(a) Mother    (b)    Daughter © Sister-in-law    (d)    Sister

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