Sainik School Class VI Entrance Exam Question Paper 2017
All India Sainik School Class VI Entrance Exam Question Paper 2017 can be downloaded from the link attached below:

Section A - Mathematics

1. Form the smallest and greatest 6-digit numerals by repeating any 2 digits from 7, 9, 5,
2.    Find the square root of 7921.
3.    If a man can do a work in 32 days, in how many days will 24 men complete the same

Section B

1. Give the Antonym (opposite) of the following words: 
(a) Risky    (b) Doubtful © Negligent    (d) Deep (e) Differ

2.Change each of the following as directed:

(a) The news is too good to be true. (Remove “too”)
(b) She is your mother. (Change into interrogative)
© Fire destroyed the town.
(Change the Voice)
(d) He said, ‘I am very thirsty’
(Change into indirect speech)
(e) Raju is not as bad as Gaurav.
(Rewrite using comparative form of “good”)

2. Imagine your name is Akash and you live at House No. 23, Dr Kalam Road, Jayanagar, Bangalore. Your sister, Deepika who lives at Shanti Nivas. Linking Road, Mumbai, has sent you a Rakhi on Rakshbandhan. Write a letter of thanks to her.    (10)

Section C

In each of the following questions, three out of four alternatives contain alphabet placed in a particular form. Find the onethat does not belong to the group.

1.(a) PEAR    (b) TORE © REAP    (d) TEAR
2. (a) QePFoLA © TuMBiN (b) OrDFkV (d) XZaWoB
3. (a) KQ14    (b) AY13 © MR11    {d) GW15

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