KTET 2018 Question paper and Key
Download question paper and answer key of Kerala Teachers Eligibility Test (K-TET) examination held on 20-10-2018.

Question papers of the following papers are attached with key

  1. Category I-PART-1 Child Development and Pedagogy
  2. Catagory I-PART-1 Environmental Sciences
  3. Catagory I-PART-1 Mathematics
  4. Catagory I-PART-2 Malayalam
  5. Catagory I-PART-3 English
Some sample questions from the paper

1. We can improve our learning and memory by the strategy :
(A)    mnemonics
(B)    reading
©Â Â   combined study
(D)    writing

2. Insight theory of learning was promoted by:
(A)    Ivan Pavlov
(B)    Kohler
©Â Â   Lev Vygotsky
(D)    Jerome S. Bruner

3. In Kerala, at the lower primary level, to evaluate the children we make use of:
(A)    Three point direct grading
(B)    Five point direct grading
©Â Â   Three point absolute grading
(D)    Five point absolute grading

4. In the classical conditioning by Pavlov, when one conditioned stimulus is used to create another, it is called :
(A)    Spontaneous recovery
(B)    Extinction
©Â Â   Stimulus discrimination
(D)    Higher order conditioning

5.  Which one of the following is the growth need proposed by Abraham Maslow ?
(A)    Physiological needs
(B)    Love and belongingness
©Â Â   Esteem need
(D)    Self actualisation

6. Sharpening a pencil with a sharpener, the motion is :
(A)    Vibratory motion
(B)    Rotatory motion
© Oscillatory motion
(D) Circular motion

7. Human Environment Conference in 1972 was held at :
(A)    Stolkhome
(B)    Paris
©Â Â   Geneva
(D)    Australia

8. The maximum average permissible noise level during day time as per Environment protection act of India is :
(A)    30 dB
(B)    50 dB
©Â Â   55 dB
(D)    45 dB

9. Point Calimere sanctuary is situated in the state of:
(A)    Karnataka
(B)    Tamil Nadu
©Â Â   Madhya Pradesh
(D)    Uttarakhand

10. In the stage of concept formation in primary level, which of the following comes under the stage 'E' in an activity.
(A)    Activity using concrete objects
(B)    Writing the number
©Â Â   Reading the number
(D)    Drawing/ identifying the picture which represents the number

For Complete set of question papers and keys download the PDF files below

Attached Files
.pdf   KTET 2018 Question Paper- Category I-PART-1 Child Development and Pedagogy.pdf (Size: 706.46 KB / Downloads: 648)
.pdf   KTET 2018 Question Paper- Category I-PART-1 Mathematics.pdf (Size: 466.25 KB / Downloads: 372)
.pdf   KTET 2018 Question Paper- Category I-PART-1 Environmental Sciences.pdf (Size: 461.88 KB / Downloads: 313)
.pdf   KTET 2018 Question Paper- Category I-PART-2 Malayalam.pdf (Size: 340.79 KB / Downloads: 287)
.pdf   KTET 2018 Question Paper- Category I-PART-3 English.pdf (Size: 1.24 MB / Downloads: 370)

KTET October 2018 Answer key for all papers

Attached Files
.pdf   KTET 2018 October Answer key.pdf (Size: 65.1 KB / Downloads: 296)

Thank you sir. Very useful paper

I need category 2 tamil model question paper

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