IBPS SO Prelims 2017 Solved paper
Solved previous year question paper of IBPS SO- Specialist Officer examination held in 2017. Answer key is also attached for your reference.

Currently only the Quantitative Aptitude question paper is available. The rest of the papers will be added soon.

Some sample questions from the paper

1.    The circumference of a circular field is 20 m less than the perimeter of square field. If the radius of the circular field is 9 m less than the side of the square field, what is the cost of gravelling the circular field @ Rs 50 per m sq. ?
(A) Rs 10,200   
(B)Rs 7,700
© Rs 8,342   
(D) Rs 6,500
(E) Rs 12,920

2.    Present age of Ram is equal to Shyam's age 8 years ago, the respective 6 years hence, the respective ratio between Shyam's age and Ram's age will be 6 : 5 at that time. What is Ram's present age?
(A) 40 years
(B) 24 years
© 28 years
(D) 38 years
(E) 34 years

3.         f 7,350 was partly invested in Scheme A at 10% p.a. compound interest (compounded annually) for 2 years and partly in Scheme B at 7% p.a. simple interest for 4 years. Both the schemes earn equal interests. How much was invested in Scheme A ?
(A) Rs 5,000          
(B) Rs4,200
© Rs 4,500       
(D)Rs 3,150
(E) Rs 6,000

4.The height of cylinder is 14 cm and its curved surface area is 264 sqm. The volume of the cylinder is—
(A) 308 cm3
(B) 396 cm3
© 148 cm3
(D) 1232 cm3
(E) 529 cm3

5.   A certain sum is divided among A, B and C in such a way that A gets 220 more than 1 /3th of the sum, B gets Rs 40 less than 2/5th of the sum and C gets Rs 300. What is the total sum invested ?
(A) Rs 1,300        
(B) Rs 1,400
© Rs 1,800       
(D) Rs 1,500
(E) Rs 1,250

Download the complete paper and key from the links below

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.pdf   I.B.P.S. Specialist Officers Preliminary Exam Question Paper 2017.pdf (Size: 741.43 KB / Downloads: 1,000)
.pdf   I.B.P.S. Specialist Officers Preliminary Exam Answer Key 2017.pdf (Size: 62.5 KB / Downloads: 512)
please post the other sections of the question paper sir
Reasoning Section of the question paper and key is attached below

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.pdf   IBPS SO Preliminary Exam 2017 Reasoning Section Question Paper.pdf (Size: 1.58 MB / Downloads: 305)
.pdf   IBPS SO Prelims Exam 2017 Reasoning Section Answer Key.pdf (Size: 49.43 KB / Downloads: 248)

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