Kerala SET Exam 09.09.2018 Paper I Question paper and Key
Question paper and answer keys of Kerala State Eligibility Test 2018 Conducted on 9th September 2018, The question papers and keys of Paper I is attached here for your reference and downloading

Paper I Code B
Exam Date: 09/09/2018

Sample questions from the paper

1[url=][/url].    The 90th Academy Awards, 2018 referred popularly as Oscars, was held at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California (US). Name the movie which won the Best Picture Award ?
A)    The Shape of Water
B)    Pans, Texas
C)    50 First Dates
D)    Klute

2.    Which country won the 27th edition of the Sultan Azlan Shah Cup 2018 held in Ipoh?
A) Malaysia
B) Australia
C) France
D) Sweden

3.    Which among the following treaty was approved by the UN General Assembly held at the Stockholm Conference in 1972 7
A) Earth Day
B) World Wetlands Day
C) World Environment Day
D) Wild Life Day

4.    Which country will host the multi-nation counter-terrorism exercise namely Peace Mission 2018?
A) Japan
B) Russia
C) Singapore
D) India

5.    Name the Viceroy associated with the llbert Bill Controversy
A) Lord Hardinge
B) Lord Lytton
C) Lord Ripon
D) Lord Curzon

6.    The noble gas possess the highest melting point
A) Argon
8) Krypton

7.    If the resultant force acting on a body of constant mass Is zero, the body's momentum is
A) Increasing   
B) decreasing
C) always zero   
D) Constant

8.    If two sides of a quadrilateral are parallel and the other two sides are equal but NOT parallel, the quadrilateral is known as a
A) Parallelogram   
B) Triangle
C) Square   
D) Trapezoid

9.    Live tissues of human eye which does not have blood vessels
A) Retina  
B) Sclera
C) Cornea   
D) Iris

For complete question paper and key download the paper from below

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