IIM CAT 2015 Solved question paper
Solved previous year question paper of CAT- Common Admission Test to PGD Programmes in Management in Indian Institute of Managements. The attached question paper and answer key is of CAT exam held in the year 2015.  All section questions are available with answer key

Some sample questions from CAT 2015 paper

1. From a circular sheet of paper with a radius 20 cm, four circles of radius 5 cm each are cut out. What is the ratio of the uncut to the cut portion?
a. 1 : 3
b. 4 : 1
c. 3 : 1
d. 4 : 3

2. 8. A wooden box (open at the top) of thickness 0.5 cm, length 21 cm, width 11 cm and height 6 cm is painted on the inside. The expenses of painting are Rs. 70. What is the rate of painting per square centimetres? 
a. Re 0.7
b. Re 0.5
c. Re  0.1
d. Re  0.2

3. 14. ABCD is a rhombus with the diagonals AC and BD intersecting at the origin on the x-y plane. The equation of the straight line AD is x + y = 1. What is the equation of BC? a. x + y = –1
b. x – y = –1
c. x + y = 1
d. None of these

4. Shyam went from Delhi to Shimla via Chandigarh by car. The distance from Delhi to Chandigarh is ¾ times the distance from Chandigarh to Shimla. The average speed from Delhi to Chandigarh was half  as much  again  as  that  from  Chandigarh  to  Shimla.  If  the  average  speed  for  the entire  journey was 49 kmph. What was the average speed from Chandigarh to Shimla? 
(a) 39.2 kmph 
(b) 63 kmph
© 42 kmph 
(d) None of these 

5. Fourth  term  of  an  arithmetic  progression  is  8.  What  is  the  sum  of  the  first  7  terms  of  the arithmetic progression? 
(a) 7 
(b) 64 
© 56
(d) Cannot be determined

Complete questions of CAT 2015 question paper togethor with the answer key is available at the link below

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Another solved paper of CAT 2015 from a prominent CAT training institute

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