CBSE vs ICSE : Difference in syllabus till 10th and in intermediate?
Hi All,

 My Son has completed nursery. Now i am confused to choose CBSE or ICSE.We reside in hyderabad

Since  after 10th(ICSE) , again  he has to end up in choosing CBSE in intermediate(as per the link ""). 

So my question is :

1.If i choose ICSE till his 10th class , will he become expert in one or two subjects ?

2.Can he able to manage all the subjects in intermediate(CBSE syllabus ) if he choose ICSE till his 10th class ?

Please him me. I have to plan my son career carefully.

First, let’s compare both of them on various parameters:
  1. Number of Schools: In India, CBSE is the most popular board with over 16,000 schools from 25 countries affiliated to it. For the ISCE board, there are 2213 schools in India.

  2. Focus and Approach: CBSE curriculum focuses on the assimilation of knowledge. The curriculum help students in preparing Engineering and Medical entrance examinations. There is also not a lot of focus on extra-curricular activities, and active participation. Instead, students are encouraged to focus on their studies. However, ISCE curriculum focuses on all the fields i.e. Humanities, Sciences, Mathematics and Languages. They emphasizes on child’s overall development (extra-circulars play an important role), focus on knowledge-gathering, and regular examinations. In fact, their text books are quite voluminous.

  3. Choice of Subjects: In CBSE, the subject combinations are Science, Commerce or Humanities. The only flexibility of choosing the subject is the choice of 5th additional subject. The ISCE curriculum follows the same pattern of streams as CBSE, but adds more volume and intensity to the subjects. In addition, there are two additional subjects which are compulsory for all students- English and Socially Useful Productive Work (SUPW). Recommended 

  4. Criteria of Assessment: The CBSE evaluates students on the basis of their ability to memorize and recall concepts and learning. On the other hand, ISCE emphasizes on the understanding of concepts, skill-development, knowledge, and its application.

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