NEST Exam Question paper 2015- solved
Solved previous year question paper 2015 of NISER NEST exam forn Integrated M.Sc program admissions in NISER Bhubansewar, and University of Mumbai - Department of Atomic Energy Centre for Excellence in Basic Sciences (UM-DAE CEBS), Mumbai.

Sample questions from NEST 2015 question paper

Q.1 The actual one full cycle of seasons is 365 days 5 hours and 48.75 minutes. Until 1582, the calender used in the western world took the year to be exactly 365 days and 6 hours long. In 1582, corrections were suggested to match the yearlength to the exact full cycle of seasons. The correction suggested would have been:
(A) reducing number of leap days over a cycle of 400 years.
(B) reducing number of days in every February.
© adding one day to every July.
(D) adding a number of extra days in 1582 to realign the calendar.

Qn 2 - Data collected in surveys can be classified as either qualitative or quantitative. Mathematical operations can be performed on quantitative data but not on qualitative data. The data from the following list, which can be deemed as quantitative is
(A) age of the respondents.
(B) phone number of the respondents.
© gender of the respondents.
(D) PIN code of the respondents.

Qn.3-  worker wants to tile floor of a large hall. All tiles are in the shape of regular polygons. The tiles may not be broken in pieces and no gaps should be left bet
ween the tiles (you may accept breaking of tiles at the end walls). The shapes of tiles which cannot be used for this purpose would consist of
(A) only triangles.
(B) only pentagons.
© only hexagons.
(D) a combination of octagons and squares

For complete question paper and solutions of NEST exam 2016, please download the PDF files from the links below.

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