Thanks for this differentiation..This will be very useful
I think CBSE is good.
I have experienced studying in both the educational boards. There are differences between these two boards, but each board has its own special ways of teaching. ICSE board emphasize on English and CBSE is focusing more on mathematics and science.
both are good according to there exam
Here are the differences b|w the two boards:
  1. Subject wise: English- ICSE has a high standard of english. I’m not implying that CBSE doesn’t but trust me Icse english is hard. You have to be really really good to get above 90. Math- Levels are pretty much the same across both boards but ICSE is a bit more advanced. Science is application based in ICSE and requires exact proper answers while CBSE is theory based. CBSE has more e learning websites like Tata Studi.
  2. ICSE might seem hard if shift abruptly from CBSE to ICSE. I studied ICSE from 2nd grade to 10th grade so I was okay with the flow of it. ICSE might be hard but it really helps you in 11th and 12th. Here’s a true fact: many of my seniors and older kids I know who studied in CBSE in 10th say that they find math and science a little hard in 11th grade. They sort of struggle but ICSE kids easily solve the maths problems. So you see it really helps.
  3. In ICSE, there are three papers for science (Physics, Chemistry and Biology)(80 marks written +20 marks internals FOR EACH) but in CBSE 10th, its only one single paper for science. This is easy going for CBSE 10th but the real impact comes in 11th where there are separate papers. If you studied ICSE, you’re used to it from 8th grade itself. So the transition is smooth.
  4. ICSE is not recognized by Indian Govt. CBSE is but both certificates are equally valid. ICSE though, is recognized by foreign education systems.
  5. Scoring and grading is also different. In ICSE, we get actual percentage and not grades. In CBSE, there is something known as CGPA. If you get more than 90 in atleast 4 out of 6 subjects, your cgpa is 10. It does’nt display your true score. In ICSE your score is more transparent.
  6. Getting 90+ in ICSE is a feat. Getting 90+ in CBSE is pretty easy, if you ask me. But the effort you put in ICSE proves fruitful later in 11th and 12th.
  7. Everyone knows ICSE is hard. If you get 90+in ICSE and others get 95+ in CBSE, you’re still considered as a good player in the game.
So…. concluding I think ICSE is harder than CBSE. But others may state to the contrary.

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