GATE CSE free online mock test paper
Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) online model exam and mock test paper is available at This online mock test have about 3000 questions in the question bank. Each time you are appearing for a new set of questions, that makes this exam the best tool to prepare for GATE CSE examination.

Questions are collected and compiled from previous year GATE and other Entrance Question papers. Complete answer review is available at the end of the examination, click the link to access the examination system

GATE Computer Science and Engineering- CSE-Free online mock test
Download GATE CSE previous years (from 2000-2014) solved paper, Do check it will be useful for sure :)

AbhinaV :)

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.pdf   Algorithms with solutions.pdf (Size: 948.44 KB / Downloads: 78)
.pdf   Compiler Design With Solutions.pdf (Size: 501.67 KB / Downloads: 50)
.pdf   Computer Networks with Solutions.pdf (Size: 489.76 KB / Downloads: 57)
.pdf   Computer Organization and Architecture with Solutions.pdf (Size: 615.56 KB / Downloads: 57)
.pdf   Database with Solutions.pdf (Size: 704.11 KB / Downloads: 67)
Do check these : Solved papers of GATE CSE 2000-2014 subject wise included ; below are pdf's of OS, DL, Engg maths, PL&DS

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.pdf   Digital Logic With Solutions.pdf (Size: 934.99 KB / Downloads: 64)
.pdf   Engineering Mathematics(1).pdf (Size: 489.32 KB / Downloads: 45)
.pdf   Engineering Mathematics.pdf (Size: 489.32 KB / Downloads: 45)
.pdf   Operating System with Solutions.pdf (Size: 568.86 KB / Downloads: 59)
.pdf   Programming and Data Structure with Solutions.pdf (Size: 884.07 KB / Downloads: 57)
Thanks to admin....for posting useful things... Plz update with latest information about the GATE..... thanks thanks lot..

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