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Computer Science 10000 MCQ Bank
plz send me computer scicnce 10000 mcq bank
(10-11-2016, 03:46 AM)bindas swap Wrote: thnx..for this mcq... can u send me. some other related subjects. like dsp computer architecture, microprocessor, subjects on

plz send me computer scicnce 10000 mcq bank
Computer Science 10000 MCQ Bank

Please send me this book on
Answers are not available in this PDF file(10000 MCQ for computer Science). Can you please help me how can I get those.Only MCQ are there. Please reply from where we can get answers also for these questions.
Great details of MCQ bank material, definitely going to help students to go through the samples for their bank exams.
(10-02-2014, 12:22 PM)thanks yaar  1100Neha Wrote: A Question bank contains 10,000 objective question and answer keys of the subject computer science. Questions are available from all areas of Computer Science and Engineering including

Basic Concepts Objective Questions
Principles of Languages  Objective Questions
Mathematical Theorems Objective Questions
Operating Systems Objective Questions
Computer Organization Objective Questions
Data Structures Objective Questions
System Software Objective Questions
DBMS Objective Questions
Networking  Objective Questions
OOPS Objective Questions
Software Engineering   Objective Questions

and more

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