i want answer of one question with solution
I want answer of one question with proper hint and solution.

Question.a charged particle moving in a magnetic field of strength B perpendicular to the direction of field. if q and m denotes the charge and mass of particle respectively the frequency of particle rotating is

The magnitude of the angular velocity,
Ωc =
|q| B
is known as the angular frequency of gyration, and is also called the gyrofrequency,
or cyclotron frequency or Larmor frequency. For an electron
|q| = 1.602 × 10−19 coulomb and m = 9.109 × 10−31 kg, so that
Ωc(electron) = 1.76 × 1011B (rad/s) (4.11)
with B in tesla (or, equivalently, weber/m2). Similarly, for a proton
m = 1.673 × 10−27 kg, so that
Ωc(proton) = 9.58 × 107B (rad/s) (4.12)
The radius of the circular orbit, given by
rc = v⊥
= mv⊥
|q| B
is called the radius of gyration, or gyroradius, or cyclotron radius, or
Larmor radius. It is important to note that Ωc is directly proportional
to B. Consequently, as B increases, the gyrofrequency increases and the
radius decreases. Also, the smaller the particle mass the larger will be
its gyrofrequency and the smaller its gyroradius.

Everything is about the physical challenge for me。

Everything about the physical challenge for me Big Grin

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