How to solve Reasoning section in Competitve exams ?
A study guide and notes explaining how to solve the Reasoning Question paper in Competitive examinations like SBI and IBPS PO examinations, SSC examinations and more. The guide explains sections like
Alphabet and series completion, Analogy, Classification, Coding decoding, Blood relations, Symbols and notations, Ranking and re-arrangement, Syllogism etc.

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Sample from the paper

The questions on Critical Reasoning are meant to measure candidates' ability to read and comp re bend a piece of written material, to reason and to evaluate arguments. Critical Reasoning questions are designed to test the reasoning skills involved in (a) making arguments (b) evaluating arguments and © formulating or evaluating a plan of action. In these questions, you arc to analyses the situation on which each question In based, and then select the answer choice that moat appropriately answers the question. Begin by read the passages careful ly, then read the five answer choices. If the correct answer is not Immediately obvious to you. sec whether you can eliminate some of the wrong answers. Reading the passage a second time may be helpful In illuminating subtleties that were not immediately evident.

Answering critical reasoning questions requires no specialized knowledge of any particular Held; you are not required to have knowledge of the terminology and conventions of formal logic.

Critical reasoning questions arc designed of provide one measure of your ability to reason effectively In the following areas :

Nature of the Question :
Generally. two patterns are adopted tr questions on deciding courses of action :

I.    A problem followed by suggested courses of action which will prescribe solution to the problem and
II.    A fact or situation followed by suggested courses of action which could improve the situation.

Therefore, first of all you should decide whether the given statement talks of a problem or describes simply a fact/situation.

Problem-Solution Type : In the case of a Problem Solution ques tion. the suggested course of action will be appropriate If:
fl) it does solve or reduce or minimise the problem and (II) It is a practical solution.
In other words, we have to examine the suggested course of action In the light of above mentioned framework.

Please download complete paper to get the full study material

I came little bit nerves when it going to take exam

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