Where to buy books for IIT-JEE
Are IIT-JEE books available outside India? For example, in Singapore? I wonder if there's any bookstore in Singapore which sells those books. Any answers will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
Did u find where? I'm hoping I could find a site that ships to the Philippines.....
Now-a-days various online portals are providing the list of books for you on various topics at lowest prices such as Mota chashma , Arihant books. From Arihant books you'll get only books but Mota Chashma provides both books as well as all the details regarding examination like eligibility, application process. So, I think Mota Chashma is good as you can get both information and books on same portal.
Please visit MyPustak ( MyPustak ) where you can get iit jee books free of cost. This is a platform where you can get your required book with no charge. MyPustak is a non parallel platform in India which allows the needy readers to collect their books free of cost.
Do visit the website and select the books from the link : Books We will be sending you to them as soon as possible.

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