Online Exams and Mock Tests for All Competitive Exams
As aspirants start preparing for competitive exams, they need all the help they can get. In keeping with global traditions, most of the competitive exams now include an online test option too. Online exams for all competitive tests, primarily for IBPS, IIT-JEE, EAMCET, RRBs, APPSC etc., share some similarities. The tests are conducted in a supervised environment and the answers have to be typed or selected from online test sheets.

For example, JEE Main and Advanced examinations offer two methods of answering – regular pen and paper exams and a computer based one. Similarly, IBPS exams can also be attempted online. These computer based examinations do not depend on the Internet but are Local Area Network (LAN) based.

In order to help students, there are many online mock tests and exams that you can attempt before the actual examination D-Day. These online exams can help you practice and gain a better idea of where your problem areas lie.


The syllabus of competitive exams is very vast. Consequently, students have to ensure that all the concepts stay fresh in their mind. Online mock exams offer an opportunity to revise the study material. You can choose to take specific chapter-oriented exams. Alternatively, you can also try online exams that cover the entire syllabus. By taking the exam, you are forced to recap all your subject matter. Regularly taking the test will automatically ensure that you are constantly revising.

·Focusing on weak areas

Mock tests will give you your scores along with the tally of your mistakes. This will help you in identifying all your weak areas. Perhaps, it is the course material that you covered a few months ago, or it is a concept that you are still unclear about. Once you have identified such areas, you can start focusing on them. Read up, memorize, and start working on them. The best thing is that you can take the mock online tests repeatedly until you are satisfied with your results.

·Exam Tactics

All competitive exams are based on a specific format. As any expert would tell you, solving a paper also requires certain know-how. Since the exam is tough and you get only a limited time, time management is crucial. Every section and question must be allotted a fixed time. Online mock tests are designed in a format as close to the actual tests as possible. You should take tests from previous years to further understand the layout of the test. This will eventually help you in understanding the weightage system and in completing your test in time.

·Gaining Confidence

Eventually, taking online tests boosts your confidence levels. When you actually attempt the online parts of your competitive exam, you will slip into the role comfortably as you will have taken dozens of online mock tests before.

Online exams for all competitive exams especially for IBPS, IIT-JEE, EAMCET, RRBs, APPSC, etc. are designed to test you. Prepare yourself as much as you can, and be confident!

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