UPSC Civil Service exam (Main) Zoology Paper II Previous Year Question Papers
Some sample questions from the papers

1. (a) Give the chemical composition of mammalian semen (use humans as example). How does seminal fluid contribute to sperm survival, capacitation and acquisition of fertilizing ability?
(b)    Compare the structure and function of 30s and 70s ribosomes.
©    What is DNA motif? How does it facilitate DNA replication and transcription?
(d)    Through a chequerboard, display the various types of genetic code (43). Identify the initiation, termination and nonsense codon, and explain their functions.

2. Attempt any three of the following :
(a)    Distinguish between sex-linked inheritance and sex-limited inheritance.
(b)    Explain mimicry and its significance in the life of animals. Mention relevant examples.
©    Distinguish between mutation and isolation in the process of evolution.
(d)    Distinguish between cladistics and classical taxonomy.

3.  Write short notes (around 200 words each) on the following :   
(a)    Factors that contribute to the speciation of animals.
(b)    Binomial system of classification.
©    Human Genome Project.

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