Plus One Model Exam 2021 Question Papers and Answer Keys- Biology (Botany & Zoology)
Download question papers and answer keys of First Year Higher Secondary Model Examination – 2021 conducted by DHSE Kerala. 

Answer key for Botany is prepared by Navas Cheemadan Sir
Answer key for Zoology is prepared by CBTA

Some Sample questions from the +1 Biology Model paper 2021

1. Name the plant hormone known as ‘Stress hormone’.
2. Name the Pigment that gives pink colour to root nodules of Leguminous plants.
3. Write any two anatomical differences between stem and Root of Angiosperms.
4. Xylem is a conducting tissue seen in higher plants. Write the names of four elements of Xylem.
5. Write any two differences between Cyclic and Non-cyclic photophosphorylation.
6. What is ‘Kranz’ anatomy ? Write two examples of plants that exhibit ‘Kranz’ anatomy.
7. The essentiality of an element to plants is determined by three criteria. Which are they ?
8. Write the name of plant hormone responsible for ripening of fruits. Write any two other functions of this hormone. 
9. The different parts of alimentary canal of cockroach is listed below. Arrange them in a sequential order of food passing through them.
(Crop, Colon, Oesophagus, Gizzard, Ileum, Rectum)
10. An endocrine gland which has a major role in the development of immune system and is degenerate in aged individuals.
(a) Identify the endocrine gland.
(b) Name the hormone which secreted from it.

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