Mathematics Question Paper and Answer Key SSLC Exam 2020
Download Mathematcs question paper and answer keys of KSEEB 10th Board exam 2020.

The examination was conducted on 27.06.2020


Key Provided By 
  • Smt.Radhika Polina, Little Hearts School, Gangavathi
  • Sri Vinod MSc. BEd. TET and Mr.Chandrasekhar BSc. BEd. TET, Nalanda Coaching Centre, Virajpet, Kodak, Karnataka

Please note: The answer key is unofficial,and we cannot guarantee the authenticity of the answers, we are improving it based on user suggestions, please comment your suggestions below...Official key will be uploaded once it is released by KSEEB.

If any schools/ teachers would like to participate.. please share keys in the whatsapp
no: 8137070071 or mail to

Some Sample questions from the paper

1. The points A ( 1, 1 ), B ( 3, 2 ) and C ( 5, 3 ) cannot be the vertices of the triangle ABC. Justify.
2. Draw a pair of tangents to a circle of radius 3 cm which are inclined to each other at an angle of 60°.
3. Find the value of tan 45° + cot 45°.
4. Find the coordinates of the mid-point of the line joining the point (xl, , yl ) and (x2, y2).
5. State “Basic proportionality theorem”

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.pdf   Mathematics Question Paper English Medium- Karnataka SSLC Exam 2020.pdf (Size: 282.65 KB / Downloads: 18,546)

.pdf   Maths Key in Short SSLC 2020 - by Smt Radhika Polina Little Hearts School Gangavathi.pdf (Size: 539.1 KB / Downloads: 9,180)

.pdf   COMPLETE CORRECTED KEY- Maths Exam SSLC March 2020 by Smt Radhika Polina Little Hearts School Gangavathi.pdf (Size: 4.33 MB / Downloads: 10,815)

.pdf   SSLC_MATHS_KEY ANSWERS_2020 by Sri Vinod and Chandrasekhar.pdf (Size: 5.46 MB / Downloads: 10,487)

.pdf   Maths Answer Key Printable format- By Sri T Shivakumar.pdf (Size: 479.94 KB / Downloads: 3,701)

.pdf   ANSWER KEY 2-Detailed solutions- Maths Exam SSLC March 2010.pdf (Size: 2.2 MB / Downloads: 6,138)
Video Solutions to SSLC Exam Maths 2020 Smt. Malati Bhat


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