CCS Summer Research Internship Program 2011

The Centre for Civil Society is an independent, non-profit, research and educational organisation devoted to improving the quality of life for all citizens of India by reviving and reinvigorating civil society. Centre for Civil Society (CCS) invites for Research Internship Program Researching Reality which provides a greatly valued and needed learning experience in real-life application of social and economic principles and in teaching college students the skills of research, analysis, writing, and above all critical thinking.

Research Areas

Interns research and write papers on the impact of critical public policies in areas such as livelihood, education, governance and environment.

* How does one become a street vendor or start a school or a community radio?

* How much does your state government spend on primary education?

* How do slum dwellers get water and electricity?

* What is the impact of special economic zones and rent control laws?

* Can public services be provided privately?

* How can we make RTI more effective?


* Training in skills of research, analysis & writing through hands-on projects

* Publication of select papers in newspapers, magazines, and CCS publications such as The Economic Times, Business World,

How to Participate?

* Period of Internship: Summer (May-July).

* Internship is also offered post July

* Eligibility: College students or recent graduates in any discipline can apply from all over world.

* Place of Internship: Choice of any location in India

* Application procedure: Download and fill in the application form

* Selected applicants will be called for an interview for final selection

Scholarship Application Deadline: 2 April 2011

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