Ph.D Specialisations available at NIT Raipur Admissions 2009-10

NIT Raipur announces Ph.D Admissions in the following Departments and Specialisations

1.         Civil Engineering

Hydrology, Irrigation, Water resources Engg., Optimization of Water resources planning & Operation, Application of Remote Sensing & GIS in WRE, Fluid mechanics; Structures, Earthquake, construction & Management, Environmental Engg.

2.         Electrical Engineering

Power quality, AI applications to Power System Protection.

3.         Mechanical Engineering

Industrial Engineering- Industrial Management, Quality Assurance, ERP, BPR, SCM. Thermal Engg. – (Air Pollution, Energy, CFD), Periodic Heat Conduction, Solar thermal Application with heat & mass transfer, Refrigeration & Air Conditioning. Machine Design-Stress Concentration, Stress Analysis, composite Structures, Smart Structures, Stress Analysis, etc. composite, vibration analysis.

4.         Metallurgical

Materials Engineering,  Physical Metallurgy, Advance materials and process, fuel cell, GMR materials

5.         Chemical Engineering

Fluidization, Environmental Engineering & pollution, separation techniques, Process identification, extractive distillation, separation science, cartelistic reaction.

6.         Bio-Technology

Microbial technology, metabolic engineering of microbial system, fermentation/ Enzyme/ bioprocess technology, biodegradation and bioremediation, bio-fertilizer, molecular technology, Environmental biotechnology, clinical biochemistry, bio fuel generation, downstream process, biosensors.

7.         Mining Engineering

Rock excavation, strata control, underground coal mining, mine planning, surface mining, rock slope design, computational modelling, ventilation, environment, hydrological studies, remote sensing & GIS.

8.         Mathematics

Fluid mechanics, pure mathematics, modelling theory, algebra, operation research, Fluid dynamics, Computational fluid dynamics shock waves, detonation waves.

9.         Physics

Material science, (Experimental), Luminescence study of some chemically deposited films; theoretical & experimental condensed matter physics, photo electronics, spintronics.

10. Applied Geology

    Structural geology, Remote sensing, GIS.

    11.Applied Mechanics

    CAD/CAM, Mechanism synthesis Robotics, Machine Design, Stress Analysis, Finite Element Method, Solid Mechanics, Composite Materials


      Analytical  Chemistry:   Synthesis   and  Applications  of Various Hydroxamic Acids as Analytical Reagents.

      Nuclear Chemistry: Analysis of Nuclear Fuel, Extract of Uranium form Nuclear Wastes.

      Environmental Analytical Chemistry- Analysis of toxicants in environmental samples, monitoring of toxic elements. Synthesis of various organic and inorganic compounds for the development of new analytical method for the analysis of pollutants. Application of microextraction techniques (DDSME, HF-LPME).

      Nanoscience: Synthesis of various types of bare and functionalised nanoparticles (Au, Ag, Pt, SiO2, CdS, Cu, Pd, Fe3O4 and TiO2 NPs etc.). Application of nanoparticles for the mass spectrometry analysis of biomolecules (amino acids, peptides and proteins etc.) pollutants and drugs.

      Pharmaceutical: Analysis of elements in  pharmaceutical sample. Pharmacokinetic study of drugs.

      Environmental Chemistry: Pollution aspects of Air, water and soil quality parameters of Domestic and Industrial zone.

      Polymer        Nanocomposites:       Preparation        and

      Characterization      (physical,      mechanical,      dynamic mechanical   and   dielectric   mechanical   and   dielectric properties) and Applications of polymer Nanocomposites.

      Microcellular     Polymer     Composites:     Preparation, Characterization and Application.


        Architecture, space syntax analysis, urban planning & design

        Admission Notice 2009-10 is available here

        8 thoughts on “Ph.D Specialisations available at NIT Raipur Admissions 2009-10

        1. Nice advert and good programmes. I will like to apply for a Ph.D programme in Biotechnology but could you please send me all the informations necessary for this process.

        2. Minhajuddin Ahmad says:

          This is really a very helpful step for the students who are seeking for doing their Ph.D. I am also looking for Ph.D. in Chemistry. I am appearing M.Sc. final year and will complete it within April 2010.

        3. Akshaya Verma says:

          Dear sir,
          presently i am a Lecturer in Deptt of civil Engg. I did M.Tech in Environmental Science & Engg from ISMU Dhanbad.
          I want to ask that can i enrol my Part Time Phd from your institute..what will be the terms and condition in this process.
          please send me a brief detail in this conection.
          thank you sir

        4. Nice advert and good programmes. I will like to apply for a Ph.D programme in Biotechnology but could you please send me all the informations necessary for this process.

        5. Nice advert and good programmes. I will like to apply for a Ph.D programme in Biotechnology but could you please send me all the informations necessary for this process…

        6. ambresh ranjan says:

          please send me detail procedure how to apply for p.hd. in mathematics.
          also send me total fee and duration of completion of course.

          thanking you

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        8. ashok chandan says:

          pls send the details to get ph.d admission in chemistry, fee details and duration of course.
          thanking you

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